Why we added Bitcoin deposits and payouts to Ear1.

A few months ago, we released ear1; a first of its kind chat-app where people have to pay before messaging you. The reception was great and we've been able to gather a few thousand users even though only people in Ghana/Nigeria were able to use the app so far because of currency limitations. Now we've added Bitcoin deposits and payouts. This means that anyone in the world can start accepting payments for answering their DM messages. We're no longer local to a few countries. We’re now global.

No matter where you are in the world now, you can deposit Bitcoin onto ear1 and use the balance to pay any user's profile fee to start talking to them now. Same way when someone pays to talk to you on the app, you can withdraw your reward to your Bitcoin wallet.

Crypto (Bitcoin and more) has finally given devs the ability to build globally-accessible wallet systems into their apps, hence making their projects global. There has never been a more perfect time for strangers around the world to earn from each other; and we're capitalising on that.

Crypto permission-less-ness means you can send money to anyone's wallet without their permission. How can this philosophy influence online communication? We at @ear1social are thinking hard about this and building accordingly. PS: Naira and Cedis deposits and payouts still work in the app.

~ Atsu.

Video demo: link.